Givens Genealogy

Other spellings of our family name
Gavine - Given(s) - Gibbons - Giveen(s) - Givin - Griffin

Purpose of our web site

The purpose of this web site is to research and share information about Daniel (Dan'l) and Martha Camden Givens family.

We are looking for extended family members - parents, siblings, aunts and uncles of Martha Camden & our Daniel (Dan’l).

We are trying to learn where our Givens family emigrated from and first settled in our Colonies — around the 1730’s.

We think our beginnings were in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and South Carolina.

Daniel served in the Revolutionary War and was recognized for serving in “Huck’s Defeat” in South Carolina.

When you see incorrect information, please send us your suggestion(s), correction(s) and your source(s).

This website is the idea and creation of Rusty Givens. Today it is run by Brian Walker, Rusty Givens’ cousin.
Our friendship was cemented in milliseconds. Our kinship goes back 230 years in Virginia.
If you would like to contact us or be notified when the site is updated,
please email Rusty_Givens and/or Brian_Walker.

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